Wednesday, October 17, 2012

help, please?

I need a reason to run. I do enjoy it, but I like the idea of training for something. A goal to shoot for. I have no money to pay for races. Without a goal, it is hard for me to get out the door just to run.

I'd like to focus more on losing weight. I have at least 40 lbs I'd still like to lose. The way I'm eating post-race I'll be gaining back everything I've lost this year.

I know I want to work more on my core. Do more cross training, but again...just sitting at home, doesn't motivate me. If I had a class to go to, that would help. But add in the money issues again.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Beat me across the head with a 2x4?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

katie still cooks

My kitchen got quite the workout this past week.

Thursday: made chocolate chip cookie bars. just used the recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag and put in a bar pan. baked at 350 for about 35 minutes. kids loved it. it was a spur of the moment treat for them.

Friday: made this Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Banana Delight cake for the LexRunLadies birthday celebration. I'm not a huge cake person. I think there were too many layers, I'd probably do just one chocolate and one banana if I ever made it again. the frosting was too DIE for. so delicious and I'm not a huge peanut butter person.

I also made this queso. Which didn't turn out as hoped, it was extremely soupy. Thinking back, I screwed it up. I was in such a hurry that I wasn't paying attention to how much milk I put in. I put in one cup too much. Now I know. I will definitely make this again. It was ahhhhmazing. Tasted just like the restaurant version and well, I have a queso problem.

Saturday: there was a potluck on Sunday at church, I was asked to make stuff, so figured I needed to get it done and ready so I wouldn't have to worry about it at all on Sunday. I made a Kentucky Hot Brown Bake, because in Kentucky you can never go wrong with anything that says Hot Brown. It was awesome. Everyone loved it at the potluck and the rector asked for the recipe, said she was going to post in in this week's Parish Tidings as the first recipe in the recipe section she wanted to start. Sweet! I also made Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies. They didn't taste much like red velvet, but delicious nonetheless.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I finished the Iron Horse Half Marathon. Rather, I survived it.

I don't know if I can put my body through this again. I just don't know. Once upon a time, I was considering a marathon...just thinking about it, looked at a few races, nothing definite. I don't know if I could do that, if my body doesn't like me after 13.1 miles, it would surely HATE me after 26.2, right?

Anyway, back to the race.

Lady who was watching the kids was late. I was worried that I wouldn't make it in time for pictures, I'd make it in plenty of time for the race itself...but was worried about the picture. Go figure. I sent Jaime a text asking if I could bum some energy gels from her, didn't think I'd have time to stop at the store, but she had already left the house. I ran into Kroger and ran right out. I got to Midway only 5 minutes later than I had originally wanted. Parked at the college and walked down Stephens Street. Tried not to have PTSD about the school (got my nursing degree there). Kept trying to call Jaime. She didn't answer. Tried to think of any other numbers I had. Jenny, I had Jenny's number. Called her. Got to the meeting place. Group picture. Went the bathroom.

We all walked to the race start like a posse, it was pretty awesome looking at the picture. Got there, we took more pictures. I turned my Garmin on. It didn't work. I freakishly pull out my phone and start downloading RunKeeper to my phone. I had to have SOME kind of record of this. It didn't fully download and start until about 2-3tenths into the race. But it was better than nothing.

In some ways this felt like a remake of RTB. I start out with a running buddy, then part way through...I get hurt and have to tell them to keep going without me. I don't know what I would have done without LaTanya. She is pretty damn amazing. The first 5-6 miles were pretty easy. We kept trying to keep our pace under a 14 min/mile so as not to get kicked off the course at mile 7. However, the pacer never seemed to appear. Others swear they saw her, but I never did. When we got to the turn around at mile 4, my friend Jodi was there with her husband and kids. She dragged them out of the house just to come see me for a few minutes. That meant the world to me.

At mile 6.5, there was the Strider station, we'd passed them going out...but didn't talk much. Keith stopped me and asked how I was doing. I answered rough. My knee was starting to hurt a little. More sore than outright pain. We got to mile 7 without being kicked off the course. It was after this I really started to struggle and the distance between me and LaTanya got larger. I told her to go on without me, she refused...said she wouldn't leave me. Finally about mile 9 after we hit the LexRunLadies station (and the porta potty where I peed myself before I could even sit. damn), we started out again together, but I hurt too much.  At mile 10.5 I saw my friend Leah, she was manning a different water station. She gave me a bottle of water. Right after that, I saw Ann! She told me I was almost to the turn around. Then I saw Casey who told me just two more turns after we joked about amputating my knee and her below the waist. Got to love a fellow nurse. Made it to the turn around, joked with the lady who was standing there. Kept on going. Saw someone running toward me and it was Leah again. She ran with me about a half mile before she had to go back to her water station. at mile 11, I really wanted to just give up...but kept telling myself, "only 2 more miles, only 2 more miles." I honestly don't know how I made it to the last part. I told myself when I hit the main entrance of Midway College, I would start running again since I knew it was about 2/10 of a mile from the finish. When I got to the entrance, I saw more people running toward me. It was Jenny and Brooke! They came to find me after LaTanya had finished and told me I was having knee problems. They ran back with me. There was a guy with a Greek Festival shirt on, at the beginning of the race I told LaTanya that I was going to beat him. He started to get ahead of me. Once we hit the turn to the finish, I booked it and sprinted to the finish.

Krissie, Nathan, Jaime, Steve, Kelly, DJ, and whoever else was still hanging around made a human tunnel for me to run through. It was amazing.

Compared to RunTheBluegrass where there really wasn't anyone at the finish for me (Krissie and Nathan were cheering at the end), and Jenny waited just for me to finish. To have my buddies, waiting over 1-1.5 hrs to see me finish. I wanted to bawl. It took everything in me not to bawl.

I finished. I survived. I even PR'd. Final time 3:23:32. Finished 999 out of 1001. Not dead last, but pretty freaking close.

Friday, October 12, 2012

random after midnight posting

blah blah blah, I know, I know...I'm a blogging slacker. I did state in my first entry that I stink at this, right? Life has been fairly dull around these parts lately. Kids have been keeping me busy. Other than that these are the highlights:

  • I started back to school this week to get my BSN. I reeeeaaaaally wasn't ready to go back, but it seems to be a necessity to get any job. I'm attending Indiana Wesleyan where I got my first Bachelor's degree. It seems to be the quickest means to the end since I have all their gen ed classes out of the way. I'm not looking forward to having more school loans, however. First week of assignments doesn't seem too bad. I'm already wanting to wash my eyes out with soap in regards to one person's writing. It is horrid. Ah well, maybe this course will help her learn more academic writing?
  • I had an interview this past Monday (9th) with the local health department. If there were a job out there that were perfect for me? This would be it. If you're the praying sort, prayers appreciated. I'm supposed to have an answer by tomorrow. Believe me, if I am hired...I will be screaming it ALL over the interwebs.
  • Son #1 turned 8. There is no way I am old enough to have an 8 year old. I mean, its physically possible as I am 29 years old. But still...where did the time go? How is he 8 already? He has grown into such a lovely child, he always was my easy going one. He has gotten so much taller, I think he's already only 8 inches shorter than me. Which isn't hard, I'm only 5' tall. Sigh. I think I have maybe 2 years tops before he is taller. 
  • The Iron Horse Half Marathon is this Sunday. THIS Sunday. I know I can do it. Deep down in my soul, I know I can. But I am scared shitless. My knee decided to be crappy to me back in September. I've spent the last week and a half ill with either a nasty cold or upper respiratory gunk. Add in the allergies before that. My training for the last month and a half has been slim to none. I'm nervous about the time cutoff. That the pacer will end up in front of me. 
  • Tomorrow is the LexRunLadies anniversary. I remember hearing about this group last year right after it was created, at a get together to watch some running movies prior to the Marshall Marathon (and half). I don't know why it took me so long to get involved, but I am so glad I did. Love you ladies (and dudes)! Cannot wait to eat, drink, and gab with you all tomorrow night! 

and thus ends tonight's ramblings. maybe I will be back tomorrow with good news? if not, I shall return with news of the Iron Horse.