Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year and update

Update first: went to the doctor on December 13th. still no change. waiting for insurance stuff to be figured out so I can get an MRI. no more PT, doing exercises at home instead. still in pain most days, not as severe as it was...but it is still there.

New Year Goals:
  1. Lose 30 by 30. My 30th birthday is August 9th. I'd like to lose 30 lbs by that time. I still wouldn't be at my goal, but well toward it. That means to lose a little less than a pound a week. I can do this.
  2. Be more consistent about logging my food. I really fell off the wagon when my knee started hurting. 
  3. Run again. Pain free, preferably.
  4. Volunteer at 6 races this year. I'd like to say 12, but that might be pushing it. 
  5. Find a job I love.
  6. Do more cross training, especially since I still cannot run.
  7. Send birthday cards to my nieces and nephews.

that's it for now, may update when I think of more. 

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