Saturday, February 23, 2013

results are in...

From the letter they mailed me, these are the results of the MRI.

The menisci are of normal signal and configuration without evidence for tear.
The ACL, PCL,MCL, and lateral collateral complex and extensor mechanism of the knee are intact. The popliteus tendon is intact.
No Fracture, AVN or osteochondral defect. There is horizontal orientation of the trochlea with lateral subluxation and tilting of the patella. The TT-TG is approximately 2cm. There is no edema in the infrapatellar fat. The articular cartilage is maintained tricompartmentally.
There is no joint effusion. There is a small popliteal cyst which extends superiorly. There is no muscle strain.
Impression: Menisci and ligaments intact. Abnormal trochlear configuration with lateral patellar subluxation and tilting. TT-TG of 2 cm.

so basically, my kneecap is sitting out of joint (displaced they told me on the phone) and is tilted. I have a cyst in the back of my knee.

there you have it. all those lovely words up there scored me a referral to a sports med doctor on Feb 27th. found out he's the chair of the department, so at least I know he knows his shit, right?

can it be Wednesday yet?

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