Friday, March 1, 2013

getting sick of it

I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I had high hopes. I mean, I was seeing the head orthopedic physician for the University of Kentucky Wildcats...he had to be good, right? I was sorely disappointed. Maybe as a healthcare worker, I expect too much.

I arrived early for my appointment at 8:30. About 9ish, they call me back for x-rays (and the positions they had to put me in for those...oh holy OUCH!). I go back and sit in the waiting room with my daughter as she didn't have school. And we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, around 10:15 I was brought back to a patient room, where I talked with the Sports Medicine Fellow for this doctor. He hadn't looked at my MRI or my x-rays yet, but would look at them with the attending. He asked very little about my injury and did a very brief examination (less thorough than the Internal Medicine doctor and Physical Therapists I have seen). He left. Came back with the attending physician, who walked in (without introducing himself), put his arm around me and says, "we're going to fix your knee."

His idea of fixing it was giving me a cortisone injection. He said there is nothing wrong with my knee. I asked him about the MRI results and what the report said. He said "they don't know what they're talking about, the cartilage under your knee is worn down, nothing we could do surgery on" and walked out of the room.

The Fellow and someone else started preparing for the cortisone injection. WHICH, I might add, they never even asked if I wanted. I didn't mind getting it, but I'd rather give permission to someone before they stick a sharp object into my joint. The Fellow didn't even want to answer my questions. They gave me NO information on the injection. I knew some about it, I had one almost 9 years ago in my other knee. But, you forget stuff over 9 years.

I asked him when I could run again. He said I should give it 1-2 weeks, but he didn't recommend me running at all. "Why don't you use the bike or elliptical, running is bad for you." Say, what? Since when? If there is nothing wrong with my knee, then how could running be bad for me?

I got the injection. Asked him what I should do if it doesn't work (my injection 9 years ago, lasted a whopping 3 days..woo! they're supposed to last at least a few weeks). He said to call them and they'd have me come back in. Though I won't let them do another shot. at all.

So here I am, 2.5 days post injection. STILL have pain. I spent the rest of Wednesday in my bed, except when I took the kids out for dinner. I hurt so bad I didn't even want to stand up and cook. If I had to move my leg, I had to literally pick it up with my hands and move it. That is how bad that injection hurt. I took some Naproxen for it, which helped a little. Thursday was a little better, still pain. When I walked down the stairs, I couldn't bend that knee. I had to keep it straight. Always fun. Today is a teensy bit better, not much though. It still hurts, not so much the injection...but how my knee always hurts. So much for that crap. Looks like I'll be calling them back on Monday to tell them this lovely injection didn't do shit.

On another note, I scheduled an appointment with a different doctor in the practice for a second opinion on March 26th. When I called, the scheduler said there was only one other doctor who could see "my problem." Again, what problem? THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY KNEE,RIGHT? I am getting beyond mad and frustrated at this doctor and fellow that I saw.

The kicker of it all is when I looked at my discharge sheet. The carbon copy one where they mark down what they did and the diagnosis. They checked on there: medical meniscus tear. Really? Were they going to tell me about that?

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