Wednesday, May 29, 2013

C25k W1D1

walk 5 minutes. run 60 seconds. briskly walk 90 seconds. repeat 8 times. walk 5 minutes.

Overall pace: 14:17
Overall distance: 1.99 miles
Time: 28:30
Calories: 288

for just the intervals (cut out warm up/cool down)
Pace: 12:46
Distance: 1.45 miles
Time: 18:30

70 degrees at start, breezy. Wore new nike running capris (purple) and LRL superwoman shirt. injinji socks. Brooks Adrenaline 13.

Felt good. Only thing hurting right now is my skinned knee from yesterday's clumsiness. Quads were on fire while running, but feel good now.

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