Saturday, August 18, 2012

5k runs for my reference

Whenever I run a 3 miler, I've been adding in the last tenth, to kind of base how I'm progressing. Posting here so its easier for me to see.

7/24/12- 47:31
7/26/12- 45:36
7/31/12- 42:31
8/4/12- 46:48 (treadmill run, notoriously slower than usual)
8/14/12- 39:07
8/18/12- 38:41

So generally, getting faster except that dastardly treadmill run. I've not been pushing myself like I would in a race, so maybe when I actually race a 5k again I'll be able to PR? I'd need to do faster than 33:51. I think its possible, so we'll see.

A few of these have been on a track and I'd do a jog the first 400m, pick up the pace for the next 800, and really speed it up the last 400. Rinse and repeat for the 3 miles, then the last tenth, really bust my butt. The run on 8/14, I got down to a 9:05 pace for the last tenth. Not too shabby, eh?

I'm running a 5k on Saturday, but it will be after running 10-11 miles, so not expecting anything spectacular.

But those times above, the fact that they are me hope.


  1. You are making some huge improvements, congrats! So to connect with you- thanks for signing up for the Virtual run this weekend!

  2. thanks! I was starting to get depressed about my times post-inury coupled with heat. just glad that I'm getting a bit back to "normal."

    looking forward to the run!