Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 5 mile virtual run

I'm not even sure how I found out about this virtual race, but seeing as how my budget is limited of late...virtual races are where its at for me! I had 5 miles on my schedule anyway, so decided to do Mommy, Run Fast's Labor Day 5 or 10 mile virtual run.

I had to complete my run on Friday, so Thursday night found me plotting a 5 mile course for my Garmin. I'd never used the feature of having the watch tell me which direction to go it was an adventure I was willing to risk, since I'd also never run 5 miles near my house either. Anything over 3 miles, usually has me driving somewhere. I didn't have time for that on Friday since my girl child got on the bus at 7:15, and I had to be at my chiropractor's office at 9:00. Not a lot of leeway, there was also consideration of stopping my run at the chiropractors, but thought better of having him work on me after I'd just finished running without having showered first. So, the course. I decided to wander through a neighborhood I'd only driven through. In hindsight, I should have just plotted an out and back. Those I can handle just fine, at least until I learn the neighborhoods.

I also ran 6 miles later Thursday night, so my legs were anything but fresh. My goal lately is just to keep consistent times for my mileage. I'm not worried so much about speed, though that is a goal for after my next half marathon.

Got up, got the kids on their respective buses. Girl's bus was a few minutes late. Again, now I know for future reference to have my running stuff on when going to the bus stop, so it doesn't hold me up. Went back to the house quick, got changed and went on my way. I love my Garmin. I do not love the course feature. Or maybe it takes some getting used to? I hated having to look at my watch to make sure I didn't miss a turn. Then it told me I got off course. I said screw it and just took a route that I knew would get me back to the house with the miles I had left. It was rather fun watching all the middle school and high school kids waiting for the bus...also wonder what they were thinking/saying after I went by. Maybe I'll avoid those neighborhoods during bus pick up for future reference. I got home with about 10 minutes to get showered, dressed, and in the van. Thankfully my chiropractor is literally a 2 minute drive. I was a little late, but I'd rather be late than stinky.

This was my first longer distance school day run, the only other one I did was 3 miles. I need to become more consistent in my timing so that I can plan my running better for school days. I also need to figure out a better way to plan my routes in this area I've not run much in without going on the main roads.

My goal was to finish about 1:10:00, so a little slower than wanted...but can't complain. I had to stop and figure out which way to go a few times. I'm trying to keep under 14 min/miles due to a race cut off time for the half in a few weeks. I was able to do that for my last 8.5 miler, so I know its possible. Just working on it.


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  1. Great job, Katie! I've never tried using the course feature... and back to back runs like that are tough, but will definitely make you stronger. Thanks again for participating! If you want, you're welcome to link up here: