Tuesday, September 11, 2012

be prepared...

I've spent quite a bit of time lately listening to Disney songs on CD. One feature I love about my van (yes, there is something I love), is the 10 disc CD player. I can't begin to remember when I last listened to CD's regularly. I think I need to dig up some of my old CD's so I can start singing some Phantom of the Opera and my kids can groan in the back, just as much as I groan when I have to listen to "Can you feel the love tonight" one more time because they enjoy listening to Pumba and Timon cry at the end. Another of the songs they've enjoyed listening to is "be prepared" from Lion King.

The time off this last week has had me wondering if I will be prepared for Iron Horse. I don't know if I'll get any longer runs in. Someone suggested focusing on some shorter, more intense runs...to build up my overall running fitness as an alternative to just running really slow longer runs. In a way it makes sense. I guess I'll shoot for that.

But I still worry.

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