Friday, September 7, 2012

The run I probably should have quit

Tuesday's run was my long run for the week. I had 8 miles scheduled. I plotted a map on Garmin. Sent the course to my watch. Because of the problems with losing the course last week, I made a cheat sheet of turns in case my watch steered me wrong. Which did happen. I was thankful for it later on. I wore my running clothes to the bus stop. Got the kids on their buses. Went back home for my shoes, compression sleeve, and water. I got out the door right at 7:30. I allotted myself 2 hours, but was hoping to finish in 1:52:00, the same time I had done almost two weeks ago. Again, trying more for consistency in time than in running faster. I'm going by the moving time on Garmin Connect, because I had to stop a few times to figure out which way I was going. Looking back at the moving time, I have negative splits for most of the miles. Woot!

Mile 0-1: Felt pretty good, walked a little to start, then had to stop and wait to cross the main road about a quarter mile in. Completed in 14:20, a little slower than I wanted...but not too shabby.

Mile 1-2: Until mile 1.5, when my knee twinged a little...I was feeling good. Walked a short bit to see how my knee was, felt okay so I went back to running. completed in 14:20 yet again.

Mile 2-3: Feeling good, very hilly part of my run. Completed in 14:17.

Mile 3-4: Knee started hurting a bit again, but not enough to make me quit. Just more sore than anything. Still  on the hilly part of the run. Completed in 14:02.

Mile 4-5: Felt amazing. Best part of the run by far. Completed in 14:10

Mile 5-6: Still doing awesome. Completed in 13:57.

Mile 6-7: Knee hurt a bit at mile 6 again. Yet, still not enough to make me quit, just sore. Completed in 13:45.

Mile 7-8: I was close enough to home at the beginning of mile 7 that I could have gone home in about a quarter mile. But I was determined to get my 8 in. Just shortly after, I experienced a sharp stabbing pain in my left calf (right one was the one injured back in May/June). I walked a little, then decided I wanted to get home a bit quicker while still getting my mileage started jogging very slowly, but faster than a walk. Yet again, I'm still close enough to get home quickly by cutting through a field. I decide to stick it out. I have a bit of pain the next half a mile. I hit my house at 7.75 miles, but STILL want to get my mileage in. So, I ran down the sidewalk and experienced the sharp stabbing pain again. I hobble back to the house. Completed the last mile in 16:55.

As a nurse and as someone who as a degree in athletic training as well, I knew better than to keep going once I got that first stabbing pain. I knew it, but chose to ignore it. The rest of the day I could barely walk. I ended up taking a leftover percocet that night so I could even sleep. Yesterday, was not much better. I woke up last night because it hurt so bad. I did spend quite a bit of time icing, stretching, and foam rolling. Thank goodness its starting to help. My knee still feels off. My calf is extremely tight.

I've decided to give myself at least a week off. With more icing, stretching, foam rolling and ibuprofen. I'll try a 2-3 mile jog on Tuesday and see how it feels. Then, go from there. I'm trying to be smart. I don't want to put myself in the position I did the last time when I had to take almost a month off from running. Iron Horse is  just a little over 5 weeks away. I have a good base mileage. I know I can run 13.1 miles. I was planning to do a 12 miler next week, but I'll push that off another week...pending how my leg is feeling. I'm hoping to get at least one more longer run in, but if I don't...I don't.

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