Monday, March 31, 2014

30th year update

So I listed some goals for my 30th year. Most of them are attainable. I've relisted them below
  • finish my BSN (estimated- spring 2014)
  • lose 50 lbs
  • find a job
  • be more involved in the kid's schools (PTO, SBDM)
  • be more involved in church (vestry maybe this year. yikes)
  • be more consistent in my eating habits and have them compliment my exercise habits instead of exercising so I can eat junk
  • go on more dates
  • teach my kids to play the piano

My update on these goals
  • on track to finish my BSN in FIVE weeks. FIVE!
  • still a work in progress
  • job- check. it's not a perfect job, but it's a job. 
  •  definitely more involved. on the family resource council and official box tops coordinator at the boy's school; PTO secretary at the girl child's school. 
  • I have been more involved in church. I decided not to run for vestry, but have been asked to be the President for ECW (Episcopal Church Women). they think I'll bring in a younger demographic.
  • I have been doing far better with my eating habits. fruits and vegetables are my friends.
  • yeah, about that.
  • I started teaching the kids to play, but haven't been very consistent.

so that's that. need to post about my running soon. 

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