Tuesday, April 1, 2014

running update

So, I haven't been the most consistent of runners.

I ran the Midsummer Night Run 5k on August 10, 2013. My first race as a 30 year old. Woo! I finished in 46:44. Definitely not my best 5k time, but not shabby for my first 5k post injury. I did a lot of 1 and 2 mile runs after that...and a lot of bike rides. I wasn't injured, I just didn't "feel" like running.

Fast forward to November when the Sub 30 group on FB was having a virtual 5k. I participated, of course and got a kick ass shirt. I finished this 5k in 41:38. Definitely an improvement from the August time. Sadly, I followed that up with only one run in December.

I got the plague in December. The never ending upper respiratory infection that knocked.me.out.  I rarely get sick and I could barely get off the sofa Christmas week. Then came the January of many school days canceled. I was finally feeling well enough to run and couldn't because the kids were always home. If they were at school, I was working. It was miserable.

In February, I finally drug my ass out to run again. It was hard to start up again. I decided I was just going to run as far as I could, with no regard to time. I got in 6 runs in February...for a total of about 11 miles. Not a lot, but better than just sitting on my butt the whole month.

With Lent starting at the beginning of March, I had decided to cut all sweets from my diet and attempt to eat more fruits and vegetables. I actually do enjoy eating them, I just never make it a priority. On top of that, I was working on getting in 3 runs a week, any distance. I started to help coach a Girls on the Run team at the boys' school, sadly I am only able to run with them on Wednesdays. I finished up March doing a 5k with my daughter. We ran about half and walked the other half, finishing in 53ish minutes. This was by far my slowest 5k time ever, but the most enjoyable. She asked me why there wasn't a place to nap during the race. Love her.  I finished the month with about 22 miles. I doubled my miles from February. So I'm slowly getting there.

I consulted my friend, Mr. Neon about what I could reasonably expect to run in April after the past two months.  To try and become more consistent, he has suggested I attempt four runs each week, with 3 of those being 2 milers and the other a 4 miler. Then slowly upping one of the 2 milers to 3 miles each week until I'm running 3 milers/3x a week and the 4 miler.

So that's where I'm at. I'm considering registering for a 10k in the beginning of May. I haven't done a 10k race since the Bluegrass 10,000 in July 2012. I've done further distances, but not that one. Should be fun and my friend is the race director.

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