Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April: Week Three

Last week was rough, my stomach started bugging me halfway through the week.

Sunday, April 13- 2 miles near my house before church. It was rough. I'd stayed up late the night before and had a drink with some vodka. Not my brightest moment, but a run is a run.

Tuesday, April 14- 2 miles at SJJ. not too shabby, it was all I had time for.

Wednesday, April 15- 1.5 miles with GOTR. my stomach was really bothering me during this, but the pace wasn't too bad.

Friday, April 17- 2.25 miles near home.  I volunteered at my daughter's school in the morning, drove home, ran, showered and left to help my son's class. I went as far as I had time for. It was an awesome run, felt great!

total miles for the week- 7.75

total miles this month- 26.16

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