Friday, April 4, 2014

April: Week One

I will attempt to keep a better log, mostly for my purposes.

Sunday, March 30- 1.85 miles at SJJ. first time at this trail, it's pretty nice.
Monday, March 31- 1 mile walk with the kids
Tuesday, April 1- 2 mile hike at RR with the kids
Wednesday, April 2- walked 2 miles, ran 1 mile at CCP while the kids played on the playground
Thursday, April 3- ran 3.1 miles at SJJ, Garmin says fastest 5k (it's not, but fastest since November).

I'm sore, but not hurting. The good kind of sore. I think the knee sore is from the neverending rain and thunderstorms.

I started the April 30 Day Core Challenge on Tuesday. Phew, those leg lifts are a beast. I've never been good at those! Hopefully, by the end of the challenge they'll be a little "easier".

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