Sunday, April 8, 2012

Race for the Golden Stethoscope

Today (well now it was yesterday), I ran my first 5k in almost three years. Sure I'd run 3 miles more often than that, but not the actual race. I'm still not sure what I was thinking running this exactly a week after the half marathon, but I wanted something to keep me running.

It looked from their Facebook page, that it would be a small race and it proved to be true. There were maybe 70-80 runners? Anyway, most of them were med students as this race was going to benefit the college of medicine's Salvation Army clinic which provides free care to those without insurance. The age groups were in the range of 10 years. So even with a smaller group of runners, no chance of placing anything as I was in the same age range as all the other females, just older. I started out running what I thought was a  little two fast (for me), but decided to keep it up and see how it went. I ended up running the first mile in 11:40, the second one in 11:32. Considering the fastest mile I'd ever run previously was 11:30 and I've only ever done that once...I was stoked. After the second mile, I was able to overtake three other runners who had to start walking. It took about 12:40 for the last mile and I finished with a time of 36:59. The 5k I did almost three years ago my time was 45:53. I cut about 9 minutes off my time. I was astounded. I was shooting for under 40 and never dreamed it'd be 36:59. woohoo!

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