Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Now, I am not swift of foot. At all. Never have been, likely will never be extremely fast. But, lately I've been wanting to test myself. Just to see HOW fast my body can go. I imagine that once I lose the rest of the weight that I'd like to lose, that speed will sort of come with it. At least, I hope for that.

So when J posted on the running group's FB page about a speed session, I was all over that. Sure J and L are twice as fast as I am (literally). We did 10 intervals of running a slight downhill then racing as fast as possible up a longer hill. I about died. I wasn't hurting, but I couldn't breathe. I somehow survived. While this was physically difficult for me, emotionally it was rocking. J and L were extremely encouraging. It probably rates up there as one of my top running days ever. They never started without me. Never left me behind. Waited for me at the top of the hill encouraging me to "push" just one more time.

It made me eager to do it again. So I've been messaging J and E (another runner) for tips on how to make a training plan to A) keep me in shape, B) help me speed up some, and C) be in the best running shape for a 10k this summer (as well as have me at a good starting point for a half marathon in the fall).

This month's plan is made...I will do this. I will.

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