Saturday, April 21, 2012's just there

Well and sometimes it just isn't. My friend and I were discussing how sometimes when you go out for a run "it" just isn't there. I felt that way for all my runs this week. I did my first ever tempo run on Monday. Even though I did not feel up for a run (been fighting illness), I sucked it up and did it. My reward was to have run my two fastest consecutive miles ever. EVER. The first mile completed in 10:56 and the second in just over 11 minutes. I even walked some. How crazy is that?

My second run was a day of speed work. J did 400m intervals and I did 300m intervals. I did a warm up beforehand and was just dragging. I continued to feel like I was dragging the whole way through the 10 intervals, but somehow managed to pull out a 9:30 average pace. Again, how crazy is that?

Sadly, yesterday's "long" run turned into a walk. I got to my car after work and realized I had packed two left shoes. One of my new ones and one of my old ones. Sigh, I was stuck with my work shoes, which while they are made for being outdoors, didn't cut it for running. Here's too a better week next week in the long run, right?

I guess this week has made me realize that even when I'm not feeling up for a run, I need to get my rear out there and just do it. The rewards were definitely worth it for me this week. I felt more like a "real" runner after struggling to get to those runs and then succeeding.

Now for a weekend of rest and back at it on Monday.

Runs for next week:
Monday: easy 2-3 miles
Tuesday: tempo run for 45 minutes
Thursday: speed work of some kind
Saturday: long run 6 miles

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