Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bluegrass 10,000

First run in 3.5 weeks.

First 10k race ever.

First time trying out a compression sleeve.

First race in almost 80 degree weather.

A lot of firsts. It was good. I felt good. I didn't sleep well last night. There's been a lot of that going around for me. So when I woke up around 5ish, I just wanted to crawl back in bed. Then reminded myself I need to use my heating pad for my calf before leaving. Then I needed to stop and get coffee (caffeine, don't own a coffepot) and pick Jaime up.

I got Jaime, we drove downtown and parked at one of the elementary schools. We missed both photo ops with the Striders and LexRunLadies. Next time. By the time I found Jenny, the coffee had kicked in and I had to jog to the port a pots. Thankfully, there wasn't a long line. I got back and put the compression sleeve on. I hurt jogging back and forth to the bathroom, but once I started running with the pain. Miraculous! I started out near the back and slowly made my way forward. It wasn't as crowded at the back as I expected, less weaving in and out than at the Throo the Zoo...but maybe because the roads were wider?

About a half mile in (I think), I found Krissie and her Big Hand or a high five. I saw her again around 2 miles I think?
I started out running 4 minutes, walking 1 minute. Then decided to just run as much as I could and walk when necessary. There was no pain other than a little twinge in my ankle. Nothing to complain about. At mile 2.7, I came across the Striders cheering group on Richmond Road. They were the bomb, though sad I missed out on the frozen water balloons they had. But a hug and some water from Jaime and I was back on my way.  There was a lot of shade on the way out, then we hit the sun. It was bearing down on us. there were people out with their hoses spraying us off. There were a lot of water stops, thank goodness. Finally turned back on Richmond Rd and there was a bit more shade. Came across the Striders again around mile 4.5 and got their last bottle of water I think.

I slowly made it the last 1.75 miles. Felt like it took forever. Passed a guy from my church who had already finished, his wife and daughters screamed my name. Felt good. I saw Krissie and the hand again at mile 6 and I started picking the pace up to finish the race in style.

I finished in 1:26:38. When I signed up for the race, I was hoping to finish in 1:10:00, but with the shin splints/calf strain...I was thankful to finish in no pain.

I went to find my group, got an awesome cookie from John. Then made my way to McCarthy's for a post-run beer. Then we went to watch the awards. Son #1's 1st/2nd grade teacher placed first in her age group. There was a lady who was between 90-99 who finished the race in 1:41:00ish I believe. I hope, that when I'm her age...I'm out doing a 10k in 80+ degree weather. What a woman! I want to be like her.

Jaime and I then meandered back to the car and got this fun picture on the way out...

My splits via Garmin

Split Time Moving Time Distance Elevation Gain Elevation Loss Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace Calories
1 12:53.5 12:31 1 32 0 12:53 12:31 6:54 121
2 13:35.2 13:05 1 10 40 13:35 13:05 5:31 107
3 13:02.1 12:49 1 69 0 13:02 12:49 10:37 108
4 14:10.4 13:47 1 0 34 14:10 13:47 10:13 97
5 15:19.3 14:42 1 39 12 15:19 14:42 11:00 95
6 15:01.5 14:35 1 0 68 15:01 14:35 11:52 92
7 02:48.4 2:41 0.25 0 0 11:16 10:46 8:31 33
 Summary 26:50.2 24:10.0 6.25 150 154 13:54 13:28 5:31 653

I dropped her off, got gas in my car, got some tea at McD's, got home, made lunch, showered, and put on Scrubs Season 1 for a marathon while I vegged.

It was a great day. I really really really enjoyed the race. I hated the weather, but we all made the best of the situation. It reminded me of my love for running and to be thankful that I CAN run, despite injury. I just need to take it slower.

And to end it favorite picture taken, just shows the joy of the day.

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