Saturday, June 30, 2012

three weeks

Tomorrow will be three weeks of no running. I haven't gone that long since, well...since I started running seriously a year ago. It is driving me crazy. The last three weeks have been pretty stressful between unemployment, the car accident, car shopping, dealing with more unemployment requirements, and my ex-husband being out of town for all of it for his National Guard summer training. When I'm stressed...I want to run. And I couldn't.

I finished my round of Nabumetone (prescription NSAID) on Thursday. I've been icing every night. Stretching multiple times a day. My shins feel okay. But now my calf is starting to hurt again even just walking. I wonder if it will ever heal, but I'll keep at it. I've been taking some ibuprofen at night. Still icing. Resting. I've finished boot camp, at least until I'm employed again.

My kids are going to their dads on Monday for a full week. They've never been away from me for more than two days. This shall be interesting. This will be my first kid free week in almost 8 years. I don't even know what I'll do with myself. But, I have the following planned thus far:

Monday: drop kids off, chiropractor, zumba with Krissie
Tuesday: ummm....nothing? then West 6th Brewing Running Club, going to walk the 1.5 mile route
Wednesday: Bluegrass 10,000...which I'll be walk/jogging. first "run" in over 3 weeks
Thursday: possibly King's Island (yay free tickets from donating blood!), then possibly play camp nurse and sneak wine into camp to drink with the other nurse
Friday: hang at camp?
Saturday: girl's night with some of my favorite single mom's.

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