Thursday, June 7, 2012

rest days

I haven't run since Sunday, which frustrates me. But, with the pain in my right calf, I didn't want to chance it. Especially with the 5k on Sunday. I went to boot camp today and between today and Tuesday's workout, I've wanted to toss my cookies after. I assume its because I'm working hard, or maybe its those horrid froggy crunches and Mason twists he has us do? I do know that I can now do a regular plank for 30 seconds. When I started three weeks ago, I could barely do 10 seconds. I'll take improvement where I can get it.

After, I went and picked up my race packets for the Bluegrass 10,000 on July 4th and for the 5k on Sunday. Stopped at my friend's to test drive her foam roller on my calf. It hurt like hell, but made me feel so much better. Note to self: invest in foam roller pronto!

Hoping to get a short run in tomorrow morning, just to have done some cardio this week.

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