Saturday, June 16, 2012


My kids and I were in an accident today. There was a black Yukon in front of me that had slowed down and stopped (I think the car in front of them was turning). I had slowed down to stop behind them. The car behind me, a blue Chevy Sonic (?), the lady wasn't paying attention and hit me. I hit the Yukon. Their cars were barely damaged. My radiator was punctured, fluid was leaking on the street. I couldn't open one of my back doors. When we hit, my seat leaned back. Thankfully the air bags didn't deploy. My kids were not hurt. I was not hurt. I have a headache and am sore where my seat belt lies, but considering? We are very blessed.

I was so frustrated with son #2 before this happened. We'd gone tot he library, which went well. Then to the store, because I had no bread, no cheese, and no milk. And if you have kids, you know that things won't go well for you if don't have those three least in my house. Son #2 was challenging to say the least. He likes to push my buttons and I was at the point where he was going to spend some time in his room when we got home. We got in the car to go home and he's yelling, crying, and kicking my seat. I wanted nothing to do with him at that time. I actually thought the accident was my fault because I was so frustrated paying attention to him and trying to make sure he wasn't hitting his sister or something else. I honestly have no recollection of what really happened. At least the lady who hit me knew.

Now begins the hell of finding a new car. My car was a 1998...worth maybe $1,500. Because of my unemployed status, I can't afford a car payment. I hate car shopping. I miss my gay friend who helped me find this car, it was perfect for me. Even though it was "older", it was my dream car. I'd always wanted a station wagon. Hoping I might be find another one, but I'm not that lucky.

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