Saturday, June 9, 2012

test run

I've never run while hurt. I always gave up and took weeks off if necessary. A slight twinge, I didn't mind...but anything that actually hurt? I'd stop. Ever since I made my training plan, I had 2 miles scheduled for yesterday (just skipped the 4 miler earlier this week and the 45 min easy run). So, I went to the middle school that has a track and a playground so the kids could play while I ran.

I won't say it didn't hurt. It did. My right calf is so tight it unnerves me. But, considering that it times weren't horrible. First mile in 12:42, second in 12:52. Probably faster than I should have gone, but it was "comfortable" considering. Stopped at good ole Walmart on the way home and got a foam roller. I have a feeling we'll be best friends.

Last night, however, I started freaking out because it was hurting worse. Every step I took, anytime I put weight on my right hurt. I've rested most of today and it feels better. I foam rolled some. Going to soak in a warm bath soon and roll it some more. I'll take some ibuprofen.

I'm nervous about the 5k tomorrow morning. I'm not going to bust my ass to get a PR like I had planned. I don't want to risk severe injury. I'll run at a comfortable pace for myself, whatever that may be and save another PR for another race.

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  1. I know how you feel. I haven't run in a week due to a sore knee and it's driving me crazy.