Wednesday, May 16, 2012

finally, an age group I'm faster than!

Monday- I attempted to run. It didn't happen, well I got 1.34 miles in before I had to stop. I think I'll have to drop my Monday runs and just exchange it for some sort of cross training, its too much.

Tuesday- 3.75 out Polo Club, which I kept my goal training pace that the McMillan calculator said I should based on my most recent 5k time. Averaged a 13:18 pace, I needed the slower run yesterday.

Today- went for a walk/run at son #2's school. at the end of each school year, they invite families to come walk/run the track with them during their regular gym time. I had a blast chasing down kindergarteners, then walking with them. I am faster than a kindergartener. go me! when I got home, did my regular intervals, but halved it because I'd already put in a mile at the school. my Garmin didn't kick in for some reason until nearly the end of my first rest interval, so it missed the whole first set. thankfully RunKeeper (used it to tell me when to run/walk) tracked that first one. it said I was booking it in a 6:22 pace. went 400m in 1:37. holy crap. wish the Garmin had caught that as well. I didn't think I was going that fast. The rest of them were more in my goal pace of 10ish/mile.

Softball tonight. here's hoping we don't get slaughtered again.

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