Thursday, May 10, 2012

two run tuesday and other stuff

so, because I'm occasionally crazy (well my friends would say most of the time) I did the aforementioned run in the last post. then I went out and ran 3.75 miles with some friends Tuesday evening. I don't think I've ever run twice in a day...I think my total mileage was 6 miles. The odd thing about it all, was I felt like I still had more that I could do. In hindsight, I wish I had pushed myself a little harder, but its probably a good thing I didn't.

I then had to plot how to fit my run in on Wednesday. Son #2 had a field trip that took up most of the day, I had signed up for a workshop at the local running store at 7pm, then had a softball game at 9:30pm. I did get my run in around 3:30, did 3 solid miles then just had to walk. Averaged a 12:25-30ish pace for those 3 miles. walked the last mile around the Arboretum. It was one of those days where I had to just stop, I had wanted to do 5-6 miles, but sometimes you just can't. went and grabbed some dinner, then headed over to the running store.

The workshop was on how to use technology to improve your performance. It was rather enlightening. There is software out there that uses the data from your Garmin or other GPS device to tell you how your training is going. The specific ones he mentioned using were WKO+ and TrainingPeaks. There is an open source (free) Golden Cheetah, which I'm going to check out, I'll report back on that another time. The thing I found interesting that he recommended before ever starting to train for a specific race is that you should be able to run 45 minutes x 4 days x 6-10 weeks. That would give you a good base for training and you know your body can handle it.

I then had my softball game My team is horrible, but we have fun. I was the first person to get on base and I think I frustrated the person who tried to throw me out at first because they probably assumed that "short and stout" = slow. Ha! Those speed workouts are helping even with softball. We ended up losing 24-3...we'll try again next week.

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