Wednesday, May 2, 2012

job hunting and more running

I greatly dislike job hunting. I'm trying not to use the "h" word. I've applied for 16 jobs in the last two days. I've been trying to find a reason as to why my position was terminated, not having much luck. sigh.

I think I overdid it this past weekend. I was on my way to do my speed work for the week when I got the call about my job. I think it only made me run faster when I got off the phone. I did the 5k on Saturday morning. Then ran 5 miles on Sunday morning. THEN walked 2 miles Sunday afternoon. What was I thinking?? Beats me, but I was super sore the rest of Sunday and all of Monday.

Went back out last night with one of my best friends and we did just shy of 4 miles. It was her longest run since she started running again. Super proud of her!!

Did my speed work this morning, however the Garmin is being a pain and not uploading the information. I did a warm up of a mile. Then did 4x400m with 400m walk in between each interval. I should have gone out earlier in the morning, but heat builds character. I greatly dislike running in the summer. I have a feeling that my dreadmill and I will be BFF's this summer as I run in air conditioning instead of in the blasted heat of the day.


  1. Yes, heat does build character! Or so I tell myself.

    No wonder you went out too hard this weekend. Be super nice to yourself for a while!

    And it sucks that you don't yet have a reason for the termination. I hope you get answers soon.

  2. Sadly, I don't think I will get any answers. All I can get from them is that I was a probationary employee so they don't have to give a reason and I have no right to appeal. Such is life, right?

    I did take it a bit easier. I think I pushed myself because I was stressed.