Sunday, May 27, 2012

long run and cross training

Saturday was supposed to be my long run. I had planned 6 miles, but ended up getting in just shy of 4. It was already about 70ish out when we started the run at 6am. yes, 0600. too early. My calves were hurting again a bit when we came back around to the running shop where we started and didn't want to push it too hard, especially since I had a hike planned for the morning still.

After my friend and I went back to her house, we changed into our hiking gear and ventured to Natural Bridge to hike with some of our other running friends (who hadn't run that morning, I think we're crazy). I think we ended up hiking about 6.5 miles, which made up for the 2 I missed earlier. It was so nice to get out onto the trails and hike. I am just starting to rekindle my love for being out in the woods. I'm looking forward to many more hikes in the near future.

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