Sunday, May 27, 2012

orange leaf 800's

I skipped the tempo run on Wednesday, figured I should give my body a rest. I was thankful come Thursday. Went to boot camp in the morning, where I am beginning to think the instructor dreams up torture in his sleep. It was a good workout, but a little more difficult than Tuesday's.

Thursday evening, my local running group had an interval session planned with Orange Leaf frozen yogurt to follow. I was more in it for the frozen yogurt than anything else, ha! Basically, it was Yasso 800's, but renamed for the night. I had set my Garmin to run 800, recover 400. I was hoping to do between 6-8 intervals, but stopped after 4. With the warm up and cool down I think I got around 4.5 miles in total. It was horribly hot outside and I don't do well with the heat even when hydrated. Friday morning I was thankful that I had stopped. I started getting dizzy and almost couldn't stand up. I had to have my daughter get me water while I was lying on the couch. It was the weirdest feeling. My legs also cramped pretty bad after the run Thursday.

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