Sunday, May 6, 2012

recipes I've tried

I've been slacking off on trying new recipes. However, I was one of those in charge of coffee hour at church last week which always gives me opportunity to try something new that I normally wouldn't make because my kids most likely wouldn't eat it.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries
they were DELICIOUS. no joke. they were probably the easiest "fancy" dessert/appetizer to make ever. I think they took me tops 15-20 minutes? you will not regret making these, I promise. 

Not the best picture, but it works. again, delicious. tastes exactly like a snickerdoodle. note: I can only find the Hershey's cinnamon chips at Meijer. 

I will update with an image as I'm still making this as I write. The youth group at church is having a Fiesta tomorrow to raise money for a mission trip to Haiti. I was put in charge of desserts.
Update: I somehow screwed this cake up, not once but twice and was very disappointed. I rarely screw my baking up so completely frustrated by this.

also in the middle of making the filling for these...
Update: These were amazing. Instead of cutting in three like the recipe suggested, I cut them in four pieces. arranged them on a plate put some caramel in a cup and then had some homemade whipped cream in a container too. They went quickly at church. I'll definitely make them again and try to take pictures next time.

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