Monday, May 28, 2012

monday menu

I am exhausted after the long weekend. Did intervals this morning and nearly wiped me out, hell, they did wipe me out. Ended up with a massive headache, but ibuprofen and caffeine are doing their job and keeping it from being too horrible.

best part of the morning (other than the post-run donut)? having my last interval be faster than the first one by almost 3 seconds. L (one of the fastest runners) ran two of my run intervals with me and she did the last one and busted my butt, but it was worth it.

I think I'm suffering from a tight left hamstring and left IT band issues. but its feeling better after running, stretching and some ice. will rinse and repeat a little later today.

on to the important stuff...FOOD!

Monday: some kind of grilled chicken, homemade mac n cheese, and forcing vegetables into my children
Tuesday: son #2's actual birthday, so they'll be having pizza with their dad
Wednesday: something quick, probably chicken nuggets since I have softball at 6:30
Thursday: fish with their dad
Friday/Saturday/Sunday: on my own, will probably try something either Margarita Grilled Chicken or Cheeseburger Salad...might invite friends over, because I'd rather cook for more than one person.

Running Schedule for the week, and if the pool opens in my development, some swimming will be tossed in here.

Monday: 8x320 (track we use is only 320m)
Tuesday: boot camp, 4 miles
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: boot camp, 4.5 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 4 miles

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